South Africa - Part 2

From the Morning Live studios, Philip drove me to Kaya FM where I had a radio interview with Kgomotso Matsunyane.  

Kgomotso also has her own TV show, ‘Late Night with Kgomotso’ which I was to be a guest on later that day. Kgomotso is such a bubbly lady and after the radio interview I was very much looking forward to meeting her again for the television interview.

In between my radio interview and the recording of Late Night with Kgomotso’ I managed to get in a bit of sight seeing. I went to the Mandela Family Museum where I walked in and around number 8115 Ngakane Street in Soweto where the Mandela family lived during the Apartheid regime. It was such an amazing experience, standing in the same kitchen that Winnie Mandela would have prepared dinner for the family and seeing bullet holes in the floor and the walls. I also managed to go to the Hector Pieterson Museum and also the Apartheid Museum. Needless to say it was a pretty heavy going afternoon. The history of South Africa is so upsetting, harrowing and very hard to take in especially in one afternoon. However it’s also one of triumph, determination and freedom. I felt a strange sense of pride as I viewed the Nelson Mandela exhibit at the Apartheid Museum. I could have spent all day there but had to make my way to the next appointment.

When I went back to the television studios for the recording of ‘Late Night with Kgomotso’ I was ushered back into make-up and met one of the other guests for the evening, one Mr. Beau Brummel. No, not the Beau Brummel the 18th Century Dandy, but Beau Brummel, the self proclaimed first South African pop star - turned nudist colony owner! The interview was very funny indeed, I was even asked to give a sample of my best Jamaican accent!


After such a long day I was very ready to just close my eyes and focus on Friday when I would have my first rehearsal for the concerts………

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