Black History Month 2011

October has come around very quickly again and with it comes Black History Month. This year I had the pleasure of performing at an event called Black History Live at Wembley Stadium.

Yes, THE Wembley Stadium! Well, it was the Bobby Moore room but still.

As I was given the opportunity to showcase what I do in such a different environment from what I am used to, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. The event was bustling with people promoting their businesses and products so it was a rather difficult task for me to focus on performing with so many distractions. The mini patties were being handed out was an especially delicious distraction for me.


However, on both days my heart was warmed to see that while I was singing the crowds were very much on my side. I had some fantastic comments after the performances on both days but I was especially happy that the young people and children who were there, really took an interest in my performance and even came up to me afterwards to express their gratitude and give their compliments. I was even able to put across my message to both the children and their parents that no one set of people has a monopoly over classical music or opera. If it’s something that you want to pursue then go for it. Learning a classical instrument, performing and listening to classical music should be something that we can all enjoy no matter what age, race or class we are.

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