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Abigail's Tweets

AbigailKellySop RT @wimbletech: RT @BaselessFabric: We're looking for a new trustee to join our small friendly board at an exciting time of development for…
AbigailKellySop RT @BatHackney: "It’s a pity to single out one performer from the many gifted participants, but the young rapper who held the whole thing t…
AbigailKellySop RT @BatHackney: "The adaptation to include community groups, young people, dance, a rap artist and drums was really inspired..." "I would p…
AbigailKellySop RT @RebeccaCaine: “First, don’t assume that if your body doesn’t ‘fit’, that doesn’t mean your voice won’t.” My friend since @guildhallscho
AbigailKellySop Thanks so much Rebbecca! And thanks for being with us today. What a fun session to end a great first half of term! https://t.co/f2tWMUbcqh
AbigailKellySop RT @NorwichHigh: A number of girls have enjoyed a vocal and movement workshop with @mooremezzo this morning. The group have discussed the c…
AbigailKellySop RT @op109: Leontyne Price, 1953 , Carl van Vechten Happy Birthday to Leontyne Price! https://t.co/Lmjw6YzThh