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Abigail's Tweets

AbigailKellySop RT @ClaudiaWPC: Off to interview? Here are some tips to he https://t.co/5MgYU2KDnm lp you make a great impression
AbigailKellySop Another reason why @mooremezzo is one of the best! It's such an underestimated factor #Wisdom 👏🏾
AbigailKellySop RT @mooremezzo: The more I work as a singer the more I realise that a singer's psychological wellbeing will be the defining factor in their…
AbigailKellySop RT @KlaraKofen: english heraldry, treatise on singing from the 60s, Native American Ghost Dance traditions, and a shit load of recorder m…
AbigailKellySop RT @ChloeKnibbs1: Amazing performances from @SuziePurkis @AbigailKellySop and Megan Kirwin @mac_birmingham - it's been a privilege to work…
AbigailKellySop RT @SuziePurkis: 8pm today see @AbigailKellySop Megan Kirwin &me perform thought-provoking new music theatre piece by @ChloeKnibbs1 https:/…