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Abigail's Tweets

AbigailKellySop RT @shirleyjtmusic: Thrilled by response #SacredMountain staging @EMCJamaica @AbigailKellySop @AfriClassical. Grt dancers & musicians! http…
AbigailKellySop A huge thank you also to those who have supported this project. I hope we will be able to build on this and create something spectacular.
AbigailKellySop Thank you to all who collaborated on the workshop week for #SacredMountain this week. It's been a pleasure to create and explore with you 🇯🇲
AbigailKellySop Just one more workshop and then we'll perform what we've devised tonight. Toi toi toi everyone @shirleyjtmusic @EMCJamaica #SacredMountain
AbigailKellySop Thank you @Marnie_Cakes and @Hunter1_lj It's all been such a pleasure so far @shirleyjtmusic @EMCJamaica #SacredMountain
AbigailKellySop @HackneyAbbott @shirleyjtmusic Thank you so much Diane. It's all going really well so far. One day to go!
AbigailKellySop A really good discussion about the legacy and legend of #QueenNanny this morning @CVMTV @shirleyjtmusic @EMCJamaica https://t.co/2pxuYraTsT