Pride comes before a bump on the head

I always have an irrational nervousness before performances. However it is not due to the anxiety of performing but  to the worry that I’ll fall over before I make it to the stage! Well my fears were justified.


I had the opportunity to sing again with the Quinborne Community Choir on the 19th of June at St Peters church in Harborne. I love singing with this choir as they are so welcoming and it’s great to be able to sing with a Birmingham choral society as I am based in the city. In fact this was the third summer concert that I have been involved  with them. The concert went very well indeed and included Vivaldi’s Gloria and Mozart’s Vespers. Thinking I was home dry as the final few chords of the Mozart were played, we took our first set of bows as the audience applauded. It was not until I was lulled into a false sense of security during the second set of bows that I came a cropper. Due to overzealous bowing, I bumped my head on the pew in front of me. How embarrassing! And because the acoustics in the church were so resonant it made the most glorious sound!
They do say pride comes before a fall, well in my case it came before a bump on the head! Not to worry as I have already been asked to sing with them again for their next year summer concert. Well I suppose they don't mind a clumsy soprano!

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