Two blogs for the price of one.....

Long time, no blog! I’ve not updated my blog in a little while as I have been on a lovely summer vacation in Jamaica and America.

It was such a lovely break after the spring tour and the few concerts I had afterwards. I managed to meet up with all of my family and I indulged in some fantastic Jamaican home cooking. In fact I have a theory about the Jamaican food. I know Usain Bolt has the longest legs I have ever seen and I know that he has probably trained so very hard at his talent. However, I am certain that the ackee and saltfish, calaloo and dumplings and fried plantain that Jamaica is so famous for must have something to do with his success! Hopefully after my time there this summer I’ll be singing as well as Usain Bolt runs! While I was in Jamaica there was an article in the Jamaica Gleaner about me so if you want to have a look, follow this link

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AbigailKellySop @ChloeKnibbs1 Yes do please send me the recording! @BloomKingsHeath is up and running. I can't wait to get in there!
AbigailKellySop RT @lambethmusicnet: So great to see this @morleycollege and what a fantastic collaboration! @ace__london @WalcotLambeth @OvalLearning @Lam
AbigailKellySop Congratulations @AshmolePrimary @StMarks_Lambeth @VauxhallPrimary thanks so much for all of your hard work in telling Bessie Coleman's story
AbigailKellySop @mooremezzo @ETOpera @keefie123 It was so lovely to see you there! The children and the band were phenomenal tonigh…
AbigailKellySop RT @mooremezzo: An amazing performance this evening @ETOpera #ETOBessieWings. Congrats to Tim, Sarah, Llewelyn, @AbigailKellySop @keefie12
AbigailKellySop I managed to see the #BessiesWings exhibition today. A big congrats to all the schools and children involved!